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Carnival Swing Ride

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The 4th novel
In The
Alan Clarke crime series 
available on
6th September 2024

(Fourth in the Alan Clarke crime series)
Carol M. Creasey


DCI Alan Clarke, now settled in Beltinge with his wife Zoe and their young son, is given the
urgent case to solve the high-profile murder of well-known author Stephen Wards’ wife Chloe.
Her strangulated lifeless body has been found on a public bench on the Broadstairs’ promenade
next to the Bank Holiday Funfair.
A tangled web of suspects emerges, ranging from Chloe’s famous husband, his best friend
Richard, their nanny Kaye and a local boy with a huge crush on Chloe named Sam. There is
also Vince, a gypsy from the funfair.
At home, Zoe has recently given birth to their baby daughter and is suffering from post natal
depression, so Alan enlists the help of Monique, a French au pair. Unfortunately it becomes
clear that Monique has her own psychological problems which could endanger their children.
As pressure to solve the murder case builds, Alan finds himself torn between his home life
and work; not realising that the two are already more deeply and dangerously entangled than he
ever thought possible. 

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