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     The Brand New Novel 
              Just One Day 

It is 1961, and Ellen is pregnant at the tender age of 17. Her boyfriend has moved on to another girl , and her mother is dominated by her father who she knows will be ruthless if he were find out about her pregnancy.


On one day that changes her life forever. Ellen hitch-hikes to Herne Bay in the hope of starting a new life with her baby , but ends up being forced to have baby Grace adopted ; an act which will haunt her and affect her mental health for the rest of her life.


The lives of both Grace and Ellen continue apart . Grace is in  a loving home , supported by parents who embrace her even  more when they learn she has autism, a condition by which Grace refuses to be defined ; but she does have a continued curiosity about her birth mother .

Meanwhile , Ellen's life take unexpected turns but the day she gave up her baby remains etched in her memory . The weight of her decision haunts her.

The years pass by but fate has one last surprise in store , another single day in Ellen's life that holds the potential to rewrite their destinies. 

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