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The Power Of Love


The late 1950s and early 60s is not a good time for unmarried teenage mothers; so when Laura Clark finds herself in just this situation, it is her own feisty naivety that propels her to keep her baby son Matthew.

Pregnant at 17 and exiled to her Aunt Agnes, Laura has no idea why her first love Simon, father of her baby, has disappeared out of her life, and is fortunate that her determination against adoption is helped when her aunt becomes an unexpected ally.

From the earliest days with baby Matthew, Laura can see in him features of Simon, the man she still longs for; but her lovely son also shows other characteristics which, she learns, are a form of autism. Realising the new difficulties she must face as a single mother, Laura determines to do all she can to help Matthew deal with his social skills and behavioural problems.

When Laura finally tracks down Simon, she has no idea whether he will cope with the knowledge that not only is he a father, but also his son is autistic. While circumstances prevail against the couple reuniting, a sinister act on a traumatised Matthew becomes the catalyst to prove just how strong the power of love really is.

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