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Perfectly Evil
The Brand New Novel 

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                              PERFECTLY EVIL Carol M. Creasey

DCI Alan Clarke returns in this new detective murder/mystery story set in Carol M. Creasey’s home area of Bishopstone and Reculver in Kent. Alan Clarke first appeared in the story Nobody’s Perfect, and has now been sent to solve the murder of a teenage girl found on a beach near Herne Bay. Coincidentally, another young girl at the scene of the crime is Dee, daughter of mentally unstable Sadie Morton Brown, a character from Carol’s Evil Woman novels and, along with her half-brother Billy, she becomes a possible suspect in this new murder case. Together with his police partner Wendy Stuart, Alan is thrust into a world of teenage angst within which he needs to solve who killed Janet. Her body was found on the beach not far from Dee, and Billy was her boyfriend yet seems indifferent to her death. Beth is Dee’s closest friend, but appears to be hiding a huge secret, while Jenny only reignites her friendship with Dee just after Janet is killed. . . The mystery deepens when a menacing leather-clad figure on a motorbike crosses the Fairy Bridge at Bishopstone Glen and forces Dee to tumble down towards the ravine. Then Dee disappears and Alan realises she is in great danger. Is her disappearance linked to the murder? And can he save Dee before it’s too late?

Getting Here
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