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We follow Emily, Sylvia, Paul and Gavin’s lives from 1990s carefree children through to the years of 2020-21 and the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Emily and Gavin become teenage lovers, but Gavin goes off to university to study law, giving a jealous Sylvia the opportunity to get close to him. His work takes them to the USA. Meanwhile, Emily and Paul get married.


The years pass through to 2019, when a disillusioned Sylvia returns to Britain and subsequently wreaks havoc against Emily’s happy but childless marriage. This culminates in Sylvia having a terrible breakdown, and Emily suspecting that Sylvia is carrying Paul’s baby.


Gavin also returns to Britain to visit his parents, but realises immediately on seeing Emily that he is still in love with his childhood sweetheart, who turns to him when her marriage is in turmoil.


Due to the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic and severe lockdown restrictions, Emily cannot leave Paul, despite the fact that her friend might be having his baby, and Gavin cannot return to the USA to avoid his feelings for Emily.


With their lives in turmoil, and a final twist of fate to thwart Emily, what will become of their relationships set against the course of the pandemic?

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