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One Moment Of Madness


Tragically orphaned at the age of eight, twins Rachel and Diana share identical looks but not personality.

As they grow up and become more independent, the studious and quiet natured Rachel is alarmed when dramatic and attention seeking Diana meets travelling gypsy Jake at a fair, but it is she, Rachel, that unexpectedly falls madly in love with strikingly handsome Neil Morris, whilst Diana has a feeling of foreboding about the relationship and does not like or trust Neil.

Diana's flatmate, Clare, has recently had a miscarriage and is desperate to replace her loss, and when Diana finds she is herself pregnant after being raped, she agrees that Clare can adopt her unwanted baby. However, when her daughter is born there is an immediate bond and Diana decides to keep baby Ella, much to the dismay of Clare.

Events take a very dark turn when baby Ella is stolen from the hospital, with the last sighting being that of a nurse taking her out of the maternity ward. . .

Whilst Diana immediately assumes Clare has taken the baby, it soon becomes apparent that her twin Rachel has vanished without trace and the baby's father, who now has a new partner called Anna, also seems a possible line of enquiry for the police.

As time passes, Diana is left devastated at the abduction of her baby and she desperately misses her twin sister to confide in. She is surprised when her first love Jake turns up as one of the detectives and wonders what the future will hold - will she ever find out what happened, in that one terrible moment, to baby Ella?

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