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Not Just An Affair

A story of people’s hypocrisy: Everyone hides a secret, and it is easy to condemn others whilst appearing to be respectable.

Amy and Peter appear to be happily married, with two children and a comfortable lifestyle. Peter is a ‘hail fellow, well met’ type of person to everyone, but only Amy knows that there is another, darker, side to him, which is threatening their happiness.

Ian is Peter’s friend and is recovering from an illness which has had a devastating effect on him. His wife Miranda is totally self-centred and both unable and unwilling to give him her love and support at any time.

When they meet, Ian and Amy both feel very vulnerable, they are immediately drawn together and plunge headlong into an intense love affair, which can only bring grief and destruction to themselves and those around them.

The devastation caused by their affair makes Amy feel so guilty that she thinks she must end it. But is Amy the real culprit or is there a more sinister reason for the traumatic events that have occurred?

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